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LED Street Light
LED Street Lights are energy efficient lightings, which produce very little heat. These lighting use less power and emit a great amount of light. The lights are offered with fewer emissions, extended lifespan, high color rendering and quick start.
Miniature Circuit Breaker
Miniature circuit breakers are used to safeguard the homes from overloading. These advanced units have optimum capacity to handle significant amount of electricity. Plus, these breakers ensure even and equal distribution of electrical energy in assorted devices.
Molded Case Circuit Breaker
Molded Case Circuit Breakers are special type of electrical protection devices, which are suited for the applications of any current rating. These are accessible with adjustable trip settings. These work with accuracy and of great precision in utility.
LED Bulbs
The LED Bulbs are of directional nature and have many industrial uses. These can be used for walkway streetlights, space garage lighting, and others. These can save a lot of money and energy.